What's New on Write.as

Besides our previously mentioned issue following blogs from Mastodon, we had some additional configuration-related issues with federation on Write.as. That’s fixed, so now you should be able to follow your blog from the fediverse again!

We’ve started putting all of our current help resources into one place: our new Help page! Check it out, whether you’re just getting started or looking to do more advanced things with Write.as.

We’ve just released an update to our Classic editor for Pro users! Now, you can compose and easily format your posts with no Markdown knowledge needed.

Now you can see who subscribes to your blog, either via email or the fediverse! From your Blogs page, just navigate to the Subscribers section.

A screenshot of the Subscribers page header, including tabs for Email and fediverse followers.

Want to move your Hugo-powered site to Write.as? Now it's quick and easy with our Hugo Importer tool! Besides working with all #WriteFreely servers, it'll even import all of your photos to Snap.as 📸

For a while, #fediverse users weren't able to follow blogs from Mastodon if their instance's “Authorized Fetch” feature was enabled. We just fixed that, so now you shouldn't have any trouble following blogs!

We just made a few updates to Post Signatures:

  • Signatures are automatically excluded from pinned posts
  • You can manually exclude the signature in a post by including this special code anywhere in your post: <!--nosig-->
  • This add-on, plus eBook Exports, is now included in our Write.as Team plan at no additional cost

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