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As human beings, we are all obsessed with something, even if we don't realize it.

The pursuit of happiness, love, joy, money, peace, friendships, health, fitness, and a successful career are just a few examples of areas we tend to act in an obsessive manner.

We are all reaching for something beyond ourselves. Reaching towards the unknown in order for it to become known in our current realities.

Children are naturally obsessive creatures with a strong appetite for curiosity. A child's obsessive nature regarding even the most miniscule topics and objects is nothing short of extraordinary.

Over time, as those children grow, age, and mature, they LEARN from others that obsession is a “bad thing”. Others tell them to “stay away” from obsessing over things because it makes you look like a lunatic!

Since when did it become OK to blend in with the crowd? Since when did it become OK to want to look like everyone else, sound like everyone else, and behave like everyone else?

What is the point of fitting in anyways? To stop others from judging? To stop others from forming opinions? The cold hard fact of life is... some people will judge and form opinions no matter what someone else does or doesn't do.

Shall we pose the question?

What if adults became obsessed with digital assets, aka cryptocurrency, just like a child is constantly obsessed with toy cars, dolls, or that next episode of the Magic School Bus?

Obsession, not merely in the form of possession, but also in terms of research, education, content creation, coding projects, and so on.

Indeed, there are people in the world right now who are obsessed with the industry in this manner. These people are the movers and shakers, the pioneers if you will, of the digital age.

What would it look like if a larger majority of holders and fans of cryptocurrency go balls to the wall, submerging themselves full force, creating a blazing inferno of depth and wisdom around them?

The outside world would take more notice. The outside world would see the industry in a different light altogether. Not only would the outside world be different, but individual lives and families would be dramatically altered.

Single mothers wouldn't have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. Young adults wouldn't need to rely on college all on it's own to provide a solid living for them. Retirees wouldn't need to work at Wal-Mart unless they wanted to.

The entire cryptocurrency space would evolve at a rapid pace. Faster than it is moving currently. Businesses would forever be altered to run more efficiently. A multitude of innovative ideas would be flowing in and out of daily conversation.

Can another question be posed?

What great feat has been accomplished without at least a healthy level of obsession?

What great sports player has ever helped win championships without practicing each and every day? What great musician has made it big without putting hours of dedicated work in day after day?

I challenge anyone to find one of the greats of this world sitting around eating bon-bons and watching Seinfeld all day. No one can become great at something by doing nothing. Action is a necessary part of life. Not just action, but obsessive action truly gets the job done.

When someone is operating at that level of play, nothing can stop them. Nothing is impossible for them. No one or nothing can stand in their way. Determination is their middle name and there is no taking them down.

The problem

Reasons why people strive for things beyond themselves are the fuel behind their rocket ship. Possessing strong reasons why the bar is set on achieving particular goals is generally a good thing.

The problem lies wherein those reasons becoming excuses why they can't do this, that, or the other. The reason why they started that business, that blog, that coding project, that diet, that charity, is now the very excuse that is holding them back from attaining success in that chosen area.

Another problem is trying to fit in with the crowd as mentioned earlier. People work hard to impress strangers who they may not even like being around. Working each day to live up to other people's opinions and expectations is poisonous and has the potential to slowly drain the life out of people.

Time for a solution

I don't normally curse, but... it's time for people to go bat shit crazy on their passions. Everyone gets one life to live. That life should not be spent drifting through each day, week, month, or year like it's no big deal.

The solution is to stay up early, or go to bed late. Find the TIME to dedicate to what is important to you. That business, that hobby, that charity, that diet, that relationship. DO what it is that you are called to do... what you were designed to do.

Hang the excuses at the door, take action, and just do it. ✦

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More with the phrase, “just do it”...



**Closing bonus content:**** Axe throwing adventure **

Society, a successful society, is built upon strong morals on the backbone of a thriving community coming together as one body, one heart, and one mission.

Over past centuries, many civilizations have gone under because the underlying fabric weaving them together unraveled, leaving behind tattered scars that never fade away.

Communities are an essential and critical aspect of growth and prosperity in any nation, tribe, or small corner of the earth. It's no wonder since we as humans are relational in nature, we live our best lives alongside one another.

What happens though when a community becomes divided? What happens when that fabric woven together becomes unraveled, leaving behind nothing but random strings all over the cold ground with no place to go?

The results of a divided community look different depending on subjective and objective metrics. General categories though do exist in harmony with one another and should be absorbed with extreme caution.

Look at what politics are doing in the US


I don't get into political talk very much, if at all, but since we had the big election this month, it makes sense to make a mention in this article.

No matter which party you affiliate with, there is no denying the extreme divide in this country. People are choosing sides and fighting against others who do not share in their same beliefs and thought patterns.

Division is largely brought on by the media as people are being fed ideas on how to think, how to feel, and how to breathe. I myself choose to disassociate from the news and its toxicity which creates fear and doubt in people's minds.

It is hard to know what the truth really is when each media station has its own agenda they are serving as certain storylines are twisted to benefit them and their bottom line.

A divide exists in our nation's communities and it is being perpetuated by the political environment that Americans, as well as those from other nations, get caught up in either on purpose or without being fully aware of the situation at hand.

The downfalls to this type of division could be quite severe in the near to distant future. There is talk of possible civil war that could break out as a result of the election. May that not be the case.

Obviously, others are going to have their opinions on this matter, I am not looking to debate or argue, simply stating what I see through my point of view and worldview.

Division within Crypto Communities

Back in 2009, there was no division. Why? Because there was only one coin... Bitcoin. The first secure, peer to peer, autonomous, value transfer network which requires no third party to operate.

Now, here we stand in 2020, and there are hundreds, even thousands of coins that exist today using blockchain as the backbone technology.

Investors have choices as they are able to acquire different assets other than Bitcoin to store in their portfolio.

Division exists now, especially between the Bitcoin and XRP communities, for one reason or another. Usually the argument revolves around which asset is the better option to invest in or which network has stronger specifications.

The BTC vs. XRP argument will then morph into topics such as speed, centralization, total supply, daily trade volume, etc. Some debates can be healthy, but the ugly ones involving name calling and false accusations don't do anyone any good.

The downfall to having this type of division within crypto communities is that it is not setting a good example to the outsiders looking in. It is also stopping the community as a whole from coming together in unity and achieving great things.

The Opposite of Division: Unity

We understand now how harmful division can be within communities in particular industries on a small scale and within countries on a larger scale.

The opposite of division, is of course, unity. That is the solution, the antidote, to division of all kinds.

The question now becomes this... Will we, as a divided cryptocurrency community, be able to come together in unity and work towards great things?

Yes and no. Right now, there are collaborations between crypto teams across the world. These are the people who are working on projects that will further the space in new ways such as developers, designers, and creators.

The ones who may not be able to come together are those who live on the polar ends. Maximalists tend to not see the point of view of others, only their own, and their opinions are not easily swayed.

In the end, the digital asset space, I believe, will be successful. It will work out because of people with similar views and differing views alike, coming together for the good of the industry.

It's exciting to be standing right in the middle of the action, watching and participating in the space as it evolves towards a bigger and brighter future. ✦


It happened...

But it could have happened in a more beneficial manner.

The back story

This past winter I began work within the supply chain industry. Sourcing, procurement, logistics, warehousing, delivery, and receiving of products are all important elements within the supply chain ecosystem.

The particular section of the supply chain I work in is warehousing as the company's lead receiver. I check product in that ships on small and large trucks, making sure we receive the correct amount of items into our inventory management system.

Ever since the summer of 2019, the focus has been on one thing... accumulating the #3 digital asset by market cap, XRP. I am still working to build that portfolio by the way. A couple months back, I decided it was a good idea to spread my wings and diversify.

Where did I diversify? If you haven't guessed already, it is the leading supply chain crypto that exists today, VeChain, or VET. I was a bit hesitant because I wanted to hit my XRP goal before investing into another project.

Nevertheless, I jumped in.


The present (sad) story

You see, I had heard about VET for months prior to making my investment, but I never took the time to do my due diligence and research the validity of the project.

Dismissing it, I missed out on a $0.003 VET when I had the chance. Instead, I bought it at over a penny.

Now, I know that might sound silly that I'm kicking myself for waiting and the price only jumping up 1 cent. The point is... I could have gotten a whole lot more for the exact same dollar amount that I invested.

The good news is, even though I look back and see the error of my ways, I am using that as a learning experience to do better moving forward.

Each day that I work at the warehouse, I become more and more aware of just how large the supply chain industry is and how much it is growing on a daily basis. Our warehouse is receiving in a ridiculous amount of freight, even during the pandemic.

The after (optimistic) story

Crypto has intrinsic value. Not only are you a token holder, but you own a piece of the blockchain network itself which is where the real world utility lies.

XRP – global payment system for cross-border payments and everything else payment related.

VET – global enterprise solutions for supply chain and more.

It’s more than just owning a token. You own a piece of the network, which, when taking into account all the strategic partnerships and on-chain application development, makes for one heck of an investment opportunity both for XRP and for VET.

Each project has merit in it's own right. Plus, each asset is way undervalued compared to how much I believe they will be in the future. (see locked content below for more on that topic)

Moral of the stories

Keep on keeping on.

Stuff happens. Live and learn. ✦

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Enter here, subscriber... ;)



What is a champion? Which characteristics qualifies one to become a champion? The answer to that question is generally subjective, but, in my eyes, being a champion means never giving up when times get tough. Perseverance through the storms of adversity leads to success in whatever you put your mind to. ...Welcome to member highlights!

The Content Builders Club began back in September of 2019, with only a handful of members to begin with. It has since then nicely blossomed into a community of passionate creators who encourage and uplift one another via messaging on Telegram. Even though it acts like a club, we do gladly welcome those who are interested in joining with open arms. The internet is not the ideal place for one to roam around on their own.


In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog or video content on a regular basis, an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to or Cinnamon Video to help grow the platforms, as well as self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Who is being recognized in today's edition?

Time to get into the nitty gritty...

Drum roll please...


... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

Doesn't he look in this photo?

Kidding... kinda. Srdan has been doing an excellent job lately publishing content almost daily while engaging with other creators inside the Telegram group. He is...

just an ordinary economist who loves leather working, photography and video.

(among other things like food and alcoholic drinks ;)

Srdan speaks his mind and isn't afraid to ruffle people's feathers if he believes his point of view is the correct one. He is known as the CBC bouncer, fierce protector of the group. Right now he is working on living off of his Coil boosts which is an incredible feat!

Keep doing what you're doing, bud. Stay consistent and don't lose sight of the course. Love you, Srdan ❤️

👉 Feel free to visit Srdan's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here.


Macropolo the mysterious genius...

Macropolo has been a staple in the Coil community since as far back as I can remember. Even though we don't actually know what he looks like and wants to remain anonymous, he continues to compose eye-opening pieces complete with intricate detail.

Writer, blogger, and gaming enthusiast.

Recently he published pieces on gaming and the Covid crisis, both of which are highly engaging. Macropolo puts a lot of effort into his works and it shows from the healthy audience he's been able to build as well as the engagement he receives on each article.

You're doing great, man. Glad to have you around ;)

👉 Feel free to take a look at Macropolo's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here.

Would you like to be featured on a future installment of CBC member highlights? Easy... keep up the great work you are doing. Keep encouraging others and giving them helpful feedback, which gets at the heart of why the club exists in the first place.

Not a member of the CBC yet? It's free and open for those who are interested in taking their creator journey to the next level. Simply go here and send a quick message to the guy you see over there (he won't bite... hard). ✦

Thank you for tuning in.

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Trunk or... ?



This is surreal. It feels like yesterday when I published my 6 month anniversary article. Now, here I am, writing my 1 year anniversary post which is amazing and crazy at the same time. Technically, September 11th, 2019 was the first day I took blogging seriously with the 30-Day Blogging Challenge.

Having spent an entire year on the platform, I have learned a lot and have grown more than I expected to grow. I've met new friends from across the world and have hit new goals that I didn't think were possible.

It's an honor to be here, honestly. It's a privilege to be able to create and post content while also engaging with other talented publishers within the community.

Coil has become my home on the internet. To me, social media doesn't compare because it doesn't feel personal like Coil does. Spending time here feels like living in my happy place. A place of rest, comfort, and growth wrapped into one.

Lasting an entire year is quite an achievement for me since I am free-spirited, struggling sometimes to stick with particular commitments long-term. I'm glad I stuck this out and continue to create content I can be proud of producing.

I'd like to thank the CBC for their continual support of myself and of one another. The Telegram group is still going strong and is open to new members. Thank you to all readers from Twitter and from other corners of the internet.

Coil has a bright future ahead. It's important to look at what the staff and publishers are doing to help grow the overall Web Monetization ecosystem, not just the Coil website itself.

Web Monetization technology is still new, and we are still the pioneers on the field, testing the waters before the floodgates open to the masses.

The biggest thing that I want you to get out of this post is this...

Never give up and always believe.

If you are reaching towards a goal but then running into pitfalls, understand that it's normal. Success wants to see how bad you want it before you get it.

You are indeed capable of achieving greatness, you just need to stay the course and not allow distractions to enter your view. I'm in your corner, rooting for your dreams to come true from continual work and dedication.

Thank you for celebrating 1 year with me. *(and may the coffee be with you)*

Here's to year 2, baby ;)

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A lil' extra...



Been a bit since I posted on here...

Not because I didn't want to, but because I've been working on my own website, as well as soaking up some good ol' country culture, ya'll.

Having deep interests in cryptocurrency AND country living further proves the free-spirited nature in me. I can literally take on any interest at any time.

Some of you were around when I used to be into teaching Bollywood dance fitness classes. I did that for many months and even got certified. I am all over the map at times.

In the past, I've never really gotten into sports that much. I played Tennis in high school and basketball way back in middle school.

Currently I'm taking an interest in baseball because I have 3 sons and thought it would be a good game to start practicing while they are young.

I'm always looking for ways to have fun with them. Honestly, that is one of the biggest joys in my life.

For me, taking on new interests keeps life exciting. There's never a dull moment because I am always learning, always growing.

On the entrepreneurial front, Proof of Legacy is my blockchain and crypto brand that I am working on building. The theme is personal growth in the digital asset space.

I want to provide others with helpful and legitimate education that will aid their crypto journey, whatever that looks like for them.

The digital asset space is rapidly expanding even during this bear market. Exchanges are becoming banks, Ripple board members are becoming economic advisors to prime ministers, the list goes on.

As far as home life goes, the focus now is to move into a farmhouse by next year since my wife and I are running out of space in our 800 square feet, 1 bathroom rental home.

What I do like about where we live now is the country vibes. Subscribers can view a few recent photos taken recently that embody some of what I've been discussing in this article.

Thank you so much for reading.

What does this post have to do with coffee? Everything, cause I couldn't have completed it without 2 delicious cups. ☕️



It has been a fun summer so far on the Coil front. Creators are taking the time to create original, quality content based on their personal interests and worldviews. Blogging, throughout the years, has evolved to become this intricate process where one can take ideas and aspirations from within, and turn them into digestible, entertaining pieces of art forever cemented onto the inter-webs.

The Content Builders Club began back in September of 2019 with only a handful of members. It has since then nicely blossomed into a community of passionate creators who encourage and uplift one another. Even though it is like a club, we do gladly welcome those who are interested in joining with open arms. The internet is not the ideal place for one to roam around on their own.

In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while also providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog or video content on a regular basis which is an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to or Cinnamon Video to help grow the platforms, as well as self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Who is being recognized in today's edition?

Drum roll please...


... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

Patricia C., or as many call her, Patty, is a diamond in the rough. She continues to shine her light upon the Coil and Cinnamon community even when times are tough. Content naturally pours out of her as she shares her heart and mind with those open to her messages.

We appreciate you, Patty, for being a solid rock that is resistant to the wind and the waves. Your attitude and messages of hope cause people to feel better after reading your articles or coming in contact with you inside the club.

👉 Visit Patty's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here. An exciting world of delicious pancakes and volatile cryptocurrencies await.


Michele Lancia, otherwise known as Stefano, is the coolest, most epic Italian creator that I've ever met. He is funny, polite, kind, and creates really interesting crypto content that will leave you begging for more. We appreciate having you in the CBC ;)

Lately, Stefano has been focused on publishing cryptocurrency technical analysis videos, and, for the record, he is quite good at explaining current market fluctuations and what to expect in the near future for various blockchain networks.

👉 Visit Stefano's Coil blog here and Cinnamon videos here. Get ready for some good clean laughs and some quality crypto talk.

Would you like to be featured on a future installment of CBC member highlights? Easy... keep up the great work you are doing. Keep encouraging others and giving them helpful feedback, which gets at the heart of why the club exists in the first place.

Not a member yet? It's free and open for those who are interested in taking their creator journey to the next level. Simply go here and send a quick message to the guy you see over there (I don't think he bites). ✦

Thank you for tuning in today. Bye :)

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Some things money just can't buy...



Hello friends. Today I am in my hotel room in Michigan, spending the week on a work trip. I work in warehouse distribution and am visiting the original warehouse where the company began distributing their products years ago.

On my way up to the hotel, I decided to put on a crypto podcast that I listen to from time to time called the Pomp Podcast. If you've been in the crypto space for a decent length of time, you have most likely heard of Pomp's show.

The most recent episode was a discussion between Pomp and Roger Ver, also referred to in the past as Bitcoin Jesus due to his persistent promotion and proclamation of Bitcoin worldwide.

Pomp is a bullish Bitcoin investor, while Roger now heavily promotes BCH, or Bitcoin Cash. It was intriguing to hear both sides hold an intelligent, respectful discussion around each cryptocurrency and why they feel the way they do about each coin.


Here are a few takeaways I found interesting from the podcast:

  1. Roger did not create Bitcoin Cash contrary to popular belief
  2. Roger still holds BTC in addition to Ether, XRP, Dash, and others, even though he feels that BCH will come out on top.

  3. Pomp only holds Bitcoin, not Bitcoin Cash nor any other coin

  4. Pomp is convinced that mass adoption, aka the network effect of Bitcoin, is the main driver behind his belief in the chain.

  5. Roger believes that the technical aspects of Bitcoin Cash more closely resemble what the original Bitcoin was supposed to look like in the whitepaper and in the early Bitcoin community forum discussions.

In the end, both of these gentleman agree on most topics related to what is wrong with the traditional monetary system as well as the end goal of adopting a decentralized, peer to peer payment system that remedies those issues.

Where these two leaders in the space tend to disagree is the method or strategy of reaching the ultimate goal. The goal, especially in the eyes of Roger, is in favor of economic growth, putting people in control of their money and giving them more freedom over how they live their lives.

Pomp thinks the Bitcoin will be the winner due to the network effect and existing infrastructure, while Roger thinks that Bitcoin Cash will be the winner due to the tech being superior in terms of a larger block size and low transaction fees.


What are my thoughts?

I actually have a hunch that Pomp will end up being right when the rubber hits the road. If it comes down to BTC or BCH, I think that the Bitcoin network is the current and future front runner with more infrastructure built and years of name recognition under it's belt.

Bitcoin tech, down the road, may begin to catch up and be on par with other cryptos in the space. The main source of contention between Roger and Bitcoin was scaling. He wanted it to be used as the new money system for the world but without scaling, he didn't feel that would happen.

Even though the high fees and slow transaction speeds are an issue on the Bitcoin network currently, it doesn't mean over time that it can't change for the better. I personally don't see BCH taking off before BTC does, but ultimately time will tell.

Why am I even mentioning BTC and BCH?

I know I know, I'm an XRP fan through and through. Even though I really like XRP, I still keep my eyes and ears open to what other projects / communities are doing in the crypto space. To me, all of it is fascinating and I am learning new information every day.

I am confident that there will be multiple projects that prove successful upon the space reaching mass adoption. It won't be a single coin that crosses the finish line, it will be multiple of them because of the problems that they solve in multiple industries across the globe.

I highly encourage everyone in the crypto space to listen / watch the full episode here on YouTube or simply listen to it on Spotify which is what I did originally. Put it on in the car or as you are doing work around the house.

One of the great aspects surrounding the cryptocurrency space is that it is continually evolving. There is always more to learn and discover regarding people, events, projects, technology, and so on.

Have you considered your position on Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin Cash? Which one do you feel will be the front runner? Perhaps both will. Perhaps neither of them will. That conclusion will need to be drawn by you and you alone.

The time is now to step out in faith and explore the options you have set before you. ✦

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Yes, the cat is out of the bag.

I'm a Coil fan through and through, but it's not by happenstance. I started publishing works on Coil last August (coming up on a full year by the way) not knowing what I was doing. If it weren't for Hodor and other great bloggers making waves on the platform early on, I'm not sure that I'd still be splashing around today.

Let's face it, there are a multitude of blogging / publishing sites out there that myself and others could be uploading articles to on a weekly basis. I personally choose to either publish to, or to my own website that is Web Monetized using Coil's meta tag feature. Even then, I publish the article's link to

Hey Ken... What makes you want to publish on Coil and not to other sites such as Hive that also pays people in crypto?

Time to dive in and tell you 5 things reasons I like Coil from a publisher's perspective:

Coil is small right now with high growth potential

The platform as of July 2020 is rather small. A handful of creators exist, and an even smaller handful exist that publish regularly. Many publishers online would look at this statistic and see it as a bad thing. On the other hand, from my perspective, the platform is small yet possesses high growth potential.

The Web Monetization ecosystem as a whole has not been around for very long. Coil, the company, has only existed for a couple years, birthing the blogging site only last summer. The growth potential is high since a multitude of online publishers are hungry and actively searching for alternative ways to earn on their original content.

Coil is in testing phase and I am a willing guinea pig

Currently the Coil site is in beta testing, a phase which is perfectly OK with me right now. I would go as far as to say that the entire Web Monetization ecosystem is in beta testing. There is no sense in rushing this platform to perfection when there is more that is needed to be built on the front and back ends.

The testing period is crucial to the future success of the platform as users need to actively use the existing feature set available. Developers need users to provide feedback to not only fix what is broken, but to make unknown data known through repetitive use. This rings true for other sites / apps that are working their way towards full release.

Coil rewards and appreciates publishers

It's true, they do. Whether you got started publishing your works last week or last year, the company pays attention to articles posted on the site.

Let's dive into a few ways Coil rewards and appreciates publishers:

Featured posts – every 4 days or so, the featured section of the site gets updated with 5 new articles. Each article has been vetted by Coil and is deemed a featured piece for increased visibility on the site.

Staff picks – every 1-2 weeks, a new edition of Coil Staff Picks is released on Coil's official blog page. So far, the staff has given kudos to publishers more than 20 times as they hand-select individual articles that truly stand out.

Boost program – not only are publishers rewarded from micropayments as readers consume content, but Coil steps in and delivers a monthly boost amount to those who publish quality articles and garner interest from subscribers.

Ad-free browsing, publishing, and exploring

Lately I have become annoyingly sensitive to advertisements, particularly on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. I enjoy spending time on Coil because it's a safe-haven from ads or intrusive pop-up banners. In addition, the site has no tracking and does not steal data of any kind.

The internet today has way too many ads, causing consumers and publishers alike to search for alternative homes to live in online. Coil is just one choice, as you also have sites such as Imgur or Hackernoon that feature raw content with no advertising while employing the Web Monetization model that Coil utilizes.

Meeting other creators who share your passions

One of the biggest basic needs in humanity, up there with food and shelter, is relationship. People need to be around others who support them and who are headed in the same direction. A large reason why sports teams work well together when they play is because they have built a strong bond with each other over time.

Publishing on Coil opens one up to the broader ecosystem of writers, artists, and musicians who all have a place as they live out their passions. Those passions come to life as others engage with their content and provide support in the form of an upvote or simply from consuming the content itself.

It is apparent, after diving into the above 5 reasons I like Coil, that it is a good choice not only for new publishers, but for veterans in the content industry who are looking for a fresh alternative to the junk that is floating around on the internet today.

Which reason above hits home most with you? Perhaps you have your own reasons for embarking on your publishing journey and view Coil from a different perspective. You are a unique individual with unique qualities, I wish you well in all your current and future endeavors. ✦

Take care.

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One more reason...



I did a thing.

What thing you ask?

Here's the backdrop...

I have been a believer since I was 12 years old. When I was ready, my mother prayed with me, and Christ then became big part of my life.

Listening to music was an enjoyable experience growing up. I spent time listening to Christian-contemporary on the radio and on CD's purchased over the years, even though the genre wasn't as popular among the other kids at school.

Fast forward to current day... Over the past couple weeks, I have felt God's desire for me to worship Him through song. In other words, I have been more attracted to music right now than I can remember being at any point in the past.

I have been jamming out to bands such as Stellar Kart and Skillet, paying special attention to the lyrics and how powerful each word really is.

Now... on to the THING I mentioned earlier... drum roll please... I purchased a brand new guitar from Guitar Center!

For those of you wondering which model, it is a Mitchell T333E-BST Solid Mahogany Auditorium Acoustic-Electric Guitar Edge Burst. Yes, that is its full name.


I have never purchased an instrument before, and you can refer to me as a complete beginner. I wanted to own a guitar that I enjoyed and that would help me get started as a young musician.

In tandem with that notion, I also signed up for a year subscription to Ultimate Guitar so that I can learn the basics such as tuning and chords, as well as specific worship and country songs that I have been enjoying lately.

In the end, I want guitar to become like riding a bike or driving a car. Once learned, it just comes naturally without over-thinking. Let's start down the acoustic route and then look towards the electric guitar once momentum picks up.

I envision sitting around the fire in the backyard with family and friends, playing worship music as everyone sings along. I want to set an example for my kids and possibly inspire them to pursue music in their own time.


As with anything in life, it is going to take multiple months of practice and persistence before guitar becomes natural to me. But, just like a fine wine, my songs will get better with age as more work is put into them.

In the past I have always thought about learning how to play, but never took action on that thought. I didn't have a compelling reason to pursue it other than it being a cool thing to do. Motivation can only push you so far until a vision pulls you the rest of the way.

What is it that you have recently decided to pursue? Is it an instrument? A relationship? A business? Whatever your endeavor encompasses, I wish you the best in seeing it through to the end with excellence. ✦

Stay cool 😎

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