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The Coil Gratitude Challenge was launched early last month with the intention of helping people around the world cope with recent events, shining rays of hope into their lives. It was a joy to see Coil creators composing and sharing real memories from their past that they are thankful for.

Each participant had the opportunity to follow all the rules and complete the challenge through the entire month of June. A few committed souls stuck it out through the end and therefore have been gifted 20 XRP to a wallet of their choosing.

First off, a big thank you to ALL participants in the challenge, as well as those who supported them by reading and upvoting content. The following finishers did an incredible job and are deserving of recognition...

John @BurntEnds88

John is all about family. He values relationships and places them in high regard. His gratitude stories are meaningful and moving. You are much appreciated in this community, John. Great job :)

Congratulations John for completing the Coil Gratitude Challenge!

Take a look at the articles John composed for the challenge:

Midwives – Our Gratitude



Your Significant Other

Tahlia Asinate @wiynwellbeing

Tahlia did a great job during the challenge as she expressed her gratitude towards her island home in Hawaii, the Coil community, and her dear sweet mother. We are grateful for her continued positive messages on the platform.

Congratulations Tahlia and keep up the good work!

Take a look at the articles Tahlia composed for the challenge:

My Island Home

Wow I'm Shook

Like Mother Like Daughter

Life's Little Luxuries

Patricia C. @PatriciaC

Patricia is an integral asset to the well-being of the Coil ecosystem. She has demonstrated her dedication over and over again and is a top action-taker in the blogging landscape.

Congratulations Patty for completing the Coil Gratitude Challenge!

Take a look at the articles Patty composed for the challenge:

Dedicated to the Most Important Woman in my Life

My Father the Hero

The Geek in me is Grateful for Cool Gadgets

PLAN Live Stream

It was an honor to see Coilers from across the globe participating in the challenge. You all did amazing and I am proud of you for expressing gratitude in your life during these trying times we are in. ✦

Be blessed.

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Recent pics...


Inevitably... someone in your life, at some point in time, has asked you about cryptocurrency. Even if you've been involved in the space for less than 30 days, people take notice and become curious about what you're doing, wondering if they can or should jump down the rabbit hole themselves.

The reason many don't enter the space is because it's unfamiliar, causing a mental gap between what they know and what they are yet to learn about. They know about the fiat money system, at least to some extent, but the whole crypto world is too foreign so it's safer to just avoid it completely.

Still, some are curious and will ask simple questions such as, “Tell me about that crypto thing you're in to”, or, “What does Bitcoin do exactly that real money can't do?” These and many others are fitting questions for those on the outside peering in since they don't have a seat at the table yet.

The following is a summarized blueprint that, when followed, will cause the curious people in your life to feel more enlightened regarding the complex topic of cryptocurrency while hopefully keeping their eyes from glazing over.

The Setting

For starters, the setting has to be right. Think about it this way for a moment. You're getting ready for a date with a man or woman that you like. Would you take them to McDonald's? Of course not. You would at least take them to Wendy's, right? No but seriously, you would probably take them to a nice sit down restaurant with real servers and real meat being cooked in the kitchen.

Discussing crypto with a curious person shouldn't be done on a whim or while multitasking 2 or 3 tasks at once. It is best discussed over coffee at a quaint coffee shop with zero distractions. Crypto is a complex topic that deserves the utmost attention or you might as well not bring it up at all.


The Disclaimer

Let your friend or family member know ahead of time that you are not a financial advisor. Even though many have heard the phrase a thousand times on YouTube videos and also on Twitter posts, it is best to not let the curious people in your life consider crypto education as official financial advice.

Nothing is guaranteed in this world, and investments are no different. Investing in cryptocurrency is not for the faint of heart. It is a nascent market with a lot of speculation driving the current prices. If they decide to invest, suggest they only invest what they are willing to lose, ensuring that if everything went to zero tomorrow they would not be hurting financially.


The History of Money

A great way to help your crypto curious one grasp the big picture is to give them a quick overview on the history of money and how it has transitioned through multiple forms over the years.

**Barter system > Gold and Silver > Paper dollars > Credit cards > PayPal / Venmo > Cryptocurrency**

Many people in today's society only realize the value in fiat currency, which is money created and distributed by a country's government. What we have seen with the birth of the internet is a new way to transact value between parties without an intermediary such PayPal or even without a checking account.

Money has evolved over the centuries and is now almost completely digital. Most do not carry cash on them any more and instead carry a credit or debit card because it's easier to handle. Not to mention that paper cash is quite dirty and could be host to a multitude of bacteria that could further the spread of disease.

Cryptocurrency was born on the internet, for the internet. An alternative form of currency that works independently of any central authority. The problem with the traditional forms of money is that it wasn't made to fit in with the technology used today such as cell phones, computers, and IOT devices.

Furthermore, fiat currency is experiencing hyperinflation due to excessive printing with no hard assets to back it up such as gold or silver. Explaining the history of money will cause your curious person, the one that you are enjoying a hot (or cold) cup of coffee with, to see the financial landscape from a bird's eye view.

Explaining this concept should take no longer than 10 minutes.


Asset Classes

Once you are done discussing the history of money, bring them down from the bird's eye view and transition into talking about the different asset classes that exist and have existed for hundreds of years.

Asset classes such as:

Stocks > Bonds > Real Estate > Commodities > Futures > Cryptocurrencies (newest)

The above asset classes are non-correlated, meaning that when one class goes up in value, another could go down within the same timeframe. Financial advisors will often suggest investing in multiple different classes to help diversify your portfolio.

As of early 2009, an increasingly popular asset class called cryptocurrencies strolled into town, considered to be the newest, non-correlated asset class since bonds were fashioned in the 1600's. The market cap for this asset class, at the time of this article, is valued at over $200B.

Explaining this concept should also take no longer than 10 minutes.


Honestly, I would stop there. That is, unless they are hungry to learn more. If they are mentally exhausted by this point, or if their eyes are starting to wander, then don't even bother. There is no need to dive into the technical aspects of blockchain technology... Save that for another lesson if there happens to be one.

While you both finish up your coffee or beverage of choice, perhaps bring up different ways that cryptocurrency has added value to your life and how you see the industry playing out in the future. Perhaps discuss personal goals or dreams that you want to achieve in your crypto journey and why they are important to you. ✦

Stay thirsty my friends.

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If they happen to ask how cryptocurrency works, then tell them this...


Subscriptions exist everywhere you turn. You most likely have a subscription to at least 1 service as we speak. Services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Spotify are among the most popular subscriptions that exist today. Subscription services allow a user to pay a flat monthly fee to obtain unlimited use of the service throughout the entire month. Millions of people across the world have access to and enjoy these services on a daily basis.

The problem though that exists with traditional subscription services is that they are siloed accounts. In other words, each service you sign up for in order to listen to your favorite music, or watch your favorite movies and television shows, is a separate company that charges your bank or credit card on a different date each month. Consumers are now starting to realize the headache involved with keeping track of so many services and the fees associated with them.

Wouldn't it be nice to pay for one subscription each month and have access to a multitude of services across the internet?

Introducing Coil. For the cost of $5 per month, subscribers have access to a multitude of benefits, or features if you will, brought to light by Coil's Web Monetization technology. Coil subscribers, with the extension installed in their browser, or who use the phone app, Puma, stream micropayments automatically to various Web-Monetized platforms during each user session.

In other words, one subscription to cover them all.

As Coil technology continues to mature, and a healthy ecosystem of providers and consumers is developed, gone could be the days of siloed subscription services. Pay attention to the following top 7 benefits of purchasing a Coil subscription in 2020.

Benefit #1

Blog and Video Content

Content is king on the internet. It is what people search for the most when they want answers to burning questions or just want to discover new and exciting trends. This is often accomplished through written content, blogs, and video content.

The first benefit of a Coil subscription is full access to exclusive Coil blogs and Cinnamon videos []( in a clean, crisp, ad-free environment. Subscribers can view all of the locked content inside each article that non-subscribers do not have access to viewing.

Benefit #2

Imgur Emerald

Imgur is a fun place online to host and share images and memes all within a single community. Imgur Emerald is a special, Coil-activated, ad-free version of Imgur that gives users additional features such as avatars, trophies, a founder's club, and even a confetti launcher button.

Currently, Imgur Emerald is available for desktop only but is working on expanding to mobile in the near future. If you enjoy browsing for various images, GIFs, and memes, Imgur Emerald offers a premium experience to Coil subscribers.

Benefit #3

Publications and Web Development

More publications and web development sites are implementing web monetization abilities into their back-ends, allowing subscribers to aid them via micropayments in real time as content is being consumed.

Many teams that are working on quality projects are in need of funding, and every little bit helps. Publications such as Hackernoon, and web development sites like DEV do a great job at publishing quality information that is worthy of reward.

Benefit #4


The gaming industry is huge, generating billions of dollars per year from over 2 billion gamers across the world. The gaming community includes not only console gamers, but also PC and mobile gamers. A top benefit of a Coil subscription as it relates to gaming is access to exclusive features within an assortment of different games.

For example, Enclave Games has an assortment of HTML5 games that support the Coil browser plugin, allowing streaming payments to game creators. One such game that is Web Monetization enabled is called Flood Escape where you get an extra 100 coins for being a Coil subscriber.

Benefit #5


Privacy is more important now than it ever was due to the increased amount of hackers and spies that exist on the internet. Coil is determined to make privacy a top priority and they will not track your browsing habits in any way opposed to other subscription providers that do not place emphasis on this topic.

Benefit #6

**Support Your Favorite Creators Directly**

Supporting creators with a Coil subscription is a bigger deal than many may think. Instead of stealing data and selling them for profit like big conglomerates online today, Coil provides an alternative form of payment to support the time and detail that creators put into their work.

Every time you view a creator's author page or an individual article, they are receiving support as you browse without the need to lift a finger. The Coil extension and the Puma browser work in the background so that you don't have to change any of your browsing habits.


Benefit #7


Once you become a Coil subscriber, you instantly become one of the family inside the Web Monetization community. Whether you are a creator, a web-developer, or if find yourself in a completely different role, there is a place for you to get involved in a big way.

There is an old saying that says this, “When you pay, you pay attention”. In other words, when someone puts their own money towards something, it means they believe in it and will oftentimes place their attention towards seeing it through to the end.

For help on getting involved in the community as a Coil creator, feel free to reach out for details here.

Wrap Up

Subscription services are a dime a dozen in the 21st century. But, a Coil subscription breaks the mold of traditional subscription services and offers a new way to experience the web. As the Web Monetization ecosystem grows, subscribers will see more exciting benefits coming in ways that haven't even been invented yet.

The future looks bright for Coil and Web Monetization as a whole. New projects are being born as we speak, shaping the future of the internet as we know it. A Coil subscription today is $5 per month. Feel free to give it a try and experience the benefits for yourself.

Stay safe, stay humble. ✦

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A futuristic note to subscribers...


*The Content Builders Club* is a fun-filled Telegram group focused on publishing works via Some members own their own websites and use Coil's Web Monetization meta tag to add the monetization feature to all of their pages. The club is free of charge to anyone looking to join an engaging community full of encouragement and support for Coil bloggers.

Blogging, and just writing in general, is an art-form that allows one to express themselves in a unique way that no other medium offers. Jotting ideas and concepts down on paper or a laptop is oftentimes a cathartic process, helping cleanse people of the toxins and negative emotions they are experiencing in their lives.

In this edition of CBC Member Highlights, 2 members will be highlighted who have demonstrated regular participation in the club while also providing honest and genuine support to the rest of the group. The club's foundation is built upon members who truly care for others and have a heart to serve one another.

Not only have these highlighted members participated in the club, but they also produce blog content on a regular basis which is an important aspect of CBC involvement. We encourage publishing works to to help grow the platform, and also to self-hosted blog sites that utilize the proposed Web Monetization API standard.

Let's find out who is being recognized in today's edition.

Drum roll please...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

... ... ... ... ...

Tahlia @TahliaAsinate

I am thankful to have connected with Tahlia on Twitter as she is now a valued member of the CBC. Tahlia has a huge knack for creative writing that is both compelling and informative. She is big into self-development which is one of the core components of the CBC.

Tahlia puts a lot of thought and effort into her articles and creates them based on the meaning they have for her and the amount of positive effect they will have on her readers. Her most recent post speaks on the topic of focus and attention, a recommended read.

Looking forward to seeing your blogging progress on Coil over the coming months, Tahlia.

Next up... ☕️

John @BurntEnds88

John is relatively new to Coil yet has already added a ton of value to the community. You will find him writing a lot about film as well as parenting from a doting father's perspective.

One thing I noticed about John is how consistent he is with publishing original content. It is obvious how much he enjoys the composition process and sharing on the topics he is passionate about. Recently he published an interview article with Seth Stanley which was quite intriguing to say the least.

Appreciate you, John and all the effort you are putting into the creative process. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for joining us here in edition 13 of CBC member highlights. If you would like to be considered for one of the next editions, please continue blogging and actively participating in the CBC. Active members always benefit the most from the club as they give and receive proper support.

Much love. ✦

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I may get a bit teary-eyed composing this article. You see, my mom is a special person to me and will always hold a piece of my heart. She is still alive today and it is a blessing to know that she still cares for me and wants me to live a long, healthy, joy-filled life.

Below is just a small snapshot of the memories we shared together while growing up at home. My mom took such good care of my brothers and I. I thank her to this day for the care and the love she put in time and time again, even when I may not have realized it in the moment.

Let the memories begin!

The Swing

During summer time in the late 80's and early 90's, my mom would take me out to the swing set our dad crafted with his bare hands in the back yard. She would swing me back and forth with me facing her and my legs over her hips. I remember the swaying feeling, as well as the sound of the creaking wood connected to the swing hinges. It was such a peaceful moment, often ending in me falling asleep as the breeze flowed over my legs and through my hair.


The Books

Book reading on the couch was quite enjoyable because my mom would make each story come alive, even the ones we've read dozens of times in the past. I especially liked the 3D pop-up books because it added an extra element to the experience. My mom would speak in a voice that wasn't monotone, but colorful, utilizing pitch and volume changes to make book time even more fun.

A handful of the books that she used to read to me are the same ones my wife and I now read to our own kids. Now they get to enjoy the same stories, read to them in a similar fashion to how my mom used to read them. I find myself reading with that same enthusiasm that she had. It will never leave me.


The Birthday Parties

My mom would make our birthday parties special by choosing a theme that we enjoyed. Spiderman... Ninja Turtles... Batman... you name it. Many of the parties were spent at home, but sometimes she would book them at places such as Fun Times or Chuck E Cheese. I truly appreciate the memories of having celebrated each birthday with style.


Christmas time

I used to like snow when I was little, mainly because I didn't drive a car until I was 17 years old. Around Christmas time, my mom would take us to different parks around the area to go sledding. Even though it was cold outside, it was heart-warming on the inside to have a mother who just wanted her kids to have a good time enjoying life.

Christmas morning was such a treat as we would wake up to stockings sitting either in our beds next to us or on the table next to the bed. Then, to walk out and see all the presents under the tree and the tree lit up was such a magical feeling I'll never forget. My parents both made this day special for myself and my brothers.



Mmm... And mmm again. My mom was and still is a great cook. My favorite food she makes is called Rice and Beans, a Puerto Rican dish she learned how to make from my grandma on my dad's side. My mom would not only cook dinner, but also she would bake incredible desserts, much like Patricia C. on Coil ;)

And, it wasn't just the food itself that was good, it was the time we spent together with family that made it special. Dinner time especially was a treat because we would all sit around the table as we laughed and enjoyed each other's company. Also, just a tip for all you kids out there... eat the food that mom makes because she is not going to make a separate meal just for you!


So, in other words... mom, I cherish our time together. You always took the best care of me, and you still do. I'm so thankful for my mom and the memories she created with me. My mom is thoughtful and spent time thinking of ways she could help improve our lives in any little way she could. I can always look back on the above memories and hundreds more from my childhood and smile big both on my face and in my heart.

I love you, mom.

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A word from the author. Aka... me ;)




The Coil Gratitude Challenge is off to a great start. Coilers from across the land are sharing compelling stories from the past that they can be grateful for in the present. If you haven't read about what the challenge is for this month, go here.

Cinnamon and I have an exciting announcement to those who complete the challenge all the way through the month of June. In the original post, one of the prizes was set at 20 XRP. Cinnamon has partnered with the challenge and now is adding their own 20 XRP.

In other words, challenge winners will receive a total of 40 XRP, in addition to being placed into a recognition post written by myself. Nothing sweeter than being rewarded for something you love doing anyways...blogging!

Thank you all for deciding to play a role in this challenge. Hard times are upon us, but when we take some time to focus our thoughts and emotions on gratitude, amazing things can and do happen. Keep up the great work, everyone!

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Grant for the Web Proposals – What You Need to Know


We are living in dark times. It’s been a rough year so far, more so than many of us anticipated. Covid, riots, and stay-at-home orders are a few of the concerns we have lost sleep over. If I had to sum it up in a single word, I would choose PANIC.

The key to not only survive, but to thrive, is to not get swept away in the news and the negativity. Instead, it is important to replace fear, anxiety and anger with gratitude. If you pay attention to any news at all, pay attention to this helpful fact... you can control the way you feel regardless of yours or other's circumstances.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe and has the potential to dramatically shift people's mindset away from doom and gloom and point it towards joy and happiness. It is for that reason that I would like to instate a challenge for Coil bloggers.

The Coil Gratitude Challenge


If you have been active inside the Coil community for some time, you will be quite familiar with challenges as there have been others over the past months. Just started on Coil? Welcome, friend, to the future of blogging and Web Monetization.

♖ The Rules ♖

① Once per week, tell us at least 1 story about a fond memory from your past that you can be grateful for.

② Written posts must be a minimum of 500 words and published on or your own Web-Monetized blog.

③ Videos must be at least 3 minutes long and posted to Cinnamon.

④ Use hashtag #coilgratitudechallenge when linking on Twitter.

The challenge will begin Sunday, June 7th, 2020 and run through June 30th. By the end, you should have published 4 or more gratitude stories.

The Rewards

Those who complete the challenge will be...

① Included inside of a personalized recognition article written by myself.

② Awarded 20 XRP to your XUMM account. If you don't have an account already, 20 XRP will be enough to get one started.

What can you be grateful for today? I want this challenge to ignite your mind and your heart to recognize the things that you can be grateful for in your life. When gratitude is the focus, your emotional well-being is not only preserved, but also strengthened and refreshed.

Will being grateful change the state that the world is in right now? No, probably not. But, being grateful will change how you feel which in turn will have a positive effect on others around you. Gratitude is contagious and meant to be spread amongst those you care about. ✦

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Family time...


🍰 I am excited for today. Not only is it my birthday, but it is also a momentous occasion for the Bitcoin network.


A little story

Last night, my wife and sons met up with my parents, as well as my brother's family at my grandparent's home. The purpose of the gathering was to celebrate Mother's Day and my birthday, but also to sort through old items that my grandparents left behind after they passed away.

The house was filled with items you would see from the 70's such as corded phones, flowered wallpaper, and a tube television that had nothing remotely close to WiFi capabilities. It was like “walking into a time warp” as my mother described it.

My boys, as well as my nieces and nephew, were ravaging through different items they wanted to take back home with them, since, whatever wasn't taken would be thrown out, never to be seen again.

As I was gazing through the dusty closets in my grandparent's abandoned bedrooms, I experienced an intense realization that stuck in my head and nestled into my heart. I had realized that all the stuff my grandparent's had accumulated over the years was, in essence, now rendered meaningless.

Obviously, there are a few items that hold sentimental value such as photos or other small trinkets. But, other than that, I saw most of it as just... junk. Lifeless, dusty, rusted, meaningless, good for nothing trash that serves no purpose whatsoever.

The things that my grandparents spent their entire lives working for and accumulating looked nothing other than... empty. I shared this conversation with my wife once we returned home and she wholeheartedly agreed with my divine revelation.

All this to say, I came to the realization that I don't want more things in my life. More lifeless junk to take up space and pick up dust. If someone gets me an item, I will happily express my gratitude for thinking of me. But, what I really want is to know God more deeply. I want stronger, more intimate relationships. I want to experience life in a way that lasts into eternity.

After all, let's face it... we are not taking anything with us to Heaven. The above message is what I wanted to share with you all today. To me, God's wisdom, and His perspective on the world is what I truly crave. Knowing Him on a deeper level is the ultimate gift in my eyes that no earthly possession can match.

The Bitcoin halving will be taking place in a matter of hours. Who knows how the event will affect the price of BTC. Honestly, I am not that concerned about it. I have confidence that many boats will rise in the digital asset space over time and am not in a rush to see that happen.

Miners, of course, will experience a lower block reward for the work they do to process transactions on the network. The network needs to remain secure, continuing to create incentives for miners instead of push them away. I do believe that Bitcoin will play a major role in the digital economy, along with Ethereum and XRP among others.

Today, on my birthday, I am thankful for all you friends both here on Coil and also on Twitter. I am thankful for this blogging journey and where it has taken me over the past 9 months. I see SO MUCH potential with Coil and the Web Monetization ecosystem as a whole.

I am thankful for what God is doing in me and through me as I continue listening to Him, and as He helps guide my path. The future looks bright and I will stop at nothing to see His Kingdom flourish, pushing the darkness back one day at a time.


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What I'm doing today...


It's been a long time coming, especially if you were one of the excited ones waiting since the initial Grant for the Web announcement back in September 2019.

What is Grant for the Web?

Grant for the Web is a $100M fund available to individuals and teams who have innovative ideas and projects to help move the Web Monetization ecosystem forward in a big way. Over the next 5 years, various amounts of funding will be distributed to those who complete the proposal process and are selected to receive grant money. Distributions will come through 6 months at a time to help propel specific projects toward completion.


As promised back in March 2020, proposals are now open to those who have a strong desire to advance Web Monetization through innovative channels both creative as well as technical. Tech experts can devise websites, apps, and other related advancements that integrate Web Monetization and Interledger technology. Creatives, on the other hand, have the opportunity to create content that aligns with the vision of Web Monetization, helping spread the word to wider audiences.

Submissions are handled through a site called Submittable, allowing one to fully complete and manage their submissions all in one place. You will need to sign up for a free Submittable account before completing the Grant for the Web application, which only takes a minute or two. The Grant for the Web application is rather lengthy and will require some preparation before completing.


First things first, you will want to complete a quick 2-minute eligibility questionnaire to determine if it's worth it for you to complete the entire application. The last thing you want to do is spend a significant amount of time completing the application, only to find out you were never eligible for funding in the first place.

Assuming you are eligible for Grant for the Web funding, next you will want to prepare to answer the following:

Short project summary

The problem your project addresses

How you will integrate Web Monetization

The goals of your project

Timeline template

Budget template

Team member resumes / LinkedIn profiles

Prior experience with Web Monetization and/or Interledger if applicable

Your plan for licensing any content, software, or documentation involved in your project

How your project will widen participation in Web Monetization in your own community.

What you hope to learn by the end of the project

How you will communicate publicly about your work

The application process will take multiple hours or days to fully complete after factoring in the preparation needed to answer all questions involved. Grant for the Web is only funding those who are serious about their project and who take the time to fill out the form truthfully and completely.

Utilize the 2 links in the list above to access both the Timeline Template and the Budget Template. Each of these documents will take time to fill out and then upload to the application page.

**Helpful note:** since the application will more than likely not get done in a single sitting, scroll down to the bottom and click on save draft so that you can return back to it later inside your Submittable account dashboard.

Grant levels

Different grant amounts will be distributed to individuals and teams depending on the type, scope, and magnitude of the project at hand. Be sure that you know how much funding to ask for when filling out the application.

✫ Spark level – $5,000-$15,000

The spark level grant will be rewarded to smaller-scale projects that promote the use of Web Monetization via events, documentation, and various content monetization experimentation.

Mid level – $15,000-$50,000

Mid level grants are mainly for projects that are building tech advancements such as API's, plugin's, and similar Web Monetization tools. The grant amount will also be rewarded to larger-scale creative works such as whitepapers and academic research.

Flagship level – $50,000-$100,000

You are an absolute Web Monetization boss if you are awarded this level of support from Grant for the Web. Should your project require this level of funding to help make it a success, be sure to enter that number in when filling out the application.

Take action

In my opinion, if you have your idea / project prepared, it is better to submit your application now so that you don't put it off and perhaps miss the call. June 12th is the last day one can apply for the first round of funding. There will be additional calls for proposals if you happen to miss this one due to timing issues or unfortunate life circumstances.

Go here to view the official Grant for the Web announcement article. From there, follow the instructions and visit the Apply page. Make sure that you read over the entire Apply page before actually applying to ensure you fully understand what to expect during the application process.

What happens next?

After you complete the application, it will be received by the Grant for the Web team for review. Don't expect a reply from the team sooner than June 12th when the proposal window closes. Decisions will be made behind the scenes regarding who will receive funding and also how much they will get. Please be patient, and give yourself a pat on the back for even completing the application process in the first place.

Last words

Don't have an idea or project yet? Don't sweat it. Grant for the Web will be offering more opportunities to get involved in the near future. The program is just now getting the ball rolling and is nowhere close to being done at this point. Remember this... if you want something bad enough, you will stop at nothing to get it. Stay determined, stay disciplined, and stay committed to long-term success in Web Monetization. The future looks bright, and we are sitting pretty at the beginning of a worldwide revolution. ✦

About the author:

Ken Melendez is a blockchain freelance writer and avid cryptocurrency blogger. He runs a website called Proof of Legacy, providing writing services to blockchain companies and individuals across the globe. He is a proud husband to his beautiful bride of 9 years and father of 3 young sons.

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An official Tweet and my family being sweet...


“The safe place for your coins”

I got lucky.

During the month of April, Changelly, a popular digital asset exchange, was holding a week-long giveaway for users who placed one or more trades on their platform. Prior to the giveaway, Changelly partnered with various cryptocurrency companies to offer prizes to lucky participants on each day of the giveaway. I happened to see this during the last day of the giveaway when they were giving away free Trezor Model T hardware wallets.

After placing the trade, exchanging Litecoin for XRP, I then filled out a short Google form to let Changelly know to look for my specific transaction code. About 4 days later, I received an email stating that I had won a free Trezor Model T and was given a coupon code to redeem on the official Trezor website. I went ahead and ordered the device which then arrived about a week later. Not too shabby for international shipping.

I have been wanting an additional hardware wallet for a while now to store my crypto holdings. As you can see from the photo above, the Trezor Model T supports a variety of coins such as BTC, LTC, and ETH. It supports XRP as well, but currently uses a web interface that is in beta testing. What's neat is that it sports a touch screen to unlock the device and confirm transactions, making it quite user-friendly.

I was really impressed by the packaging the Trezor Model T came in. You can tell that the company took time planning out the type of experience they wanted each customer to have. If you have ever opened up a new iPhone, you received a premium experience as they methodically planned out the specific size and dimensions of the box so that the bottom slowly slides out from the top. The device itself comes with a security sticker to prevent unwarranted tampering.

After opening up the black box on the inside, I discovered the USB cable along with a couple surprises unique to the Trezor. The item to the left of the cable is a magnet that can be stuck to any surface desired, holding your device in place. Next up, a variety of stickers, some rectangle-shaped and some square-shaped. I chose to place one of the rectangle stickers on my laptop, directly underneath the keyboard.

Then it came time to plug the device into my laptop. All I had to do was go to their Start page and follow the instructions. Setup was extremely simple and did not require prior blockchain or crypto knowledge. Newcomers to the space will have no problems setting up and using the Trezor Model T. I did some testing and sent a small amount of bitcoin to the BTC account. I even connected my device to the ShapeShift platform and had no issues whatsoever.


I give the Trezor Model T an 9 out of 10. I am impressed with the packaging, the quality feel of the product, the extra accessories, and the cryptocurrency security features. I would have liked to see full native support for XRP, as well as a downloadable app similar to Ledger Live. In addition, the tamper-proof tape left sticky residue on the device that was tough to remove. Overall, I am glad to own the product and would be happy recommending one to friends and family.

Closing Remarks

Even if I didn't win the Changelly giveaway, I still would have ended up purchasing a Trezor. You can't beat the peace of mind that comes with keeping your private keys offline and safe from possible hackers. Hope you enjoyed the unboxing and were inspired to look into a Trezor device for your cryptocurrency storage needs. Coil subscribers can view some additional photos of the Trezor Model T setup process. ✦

About the author:

Ken Melendez is a blockchain freelance writer and avid cryptocurrency blogger. He runs a website called Proof of Legacy, providing writing services to blockchain companies and individuals across the globe.

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