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This year, we're thankful for everyone who continues to write and share their words here on Write.as. To celebrate, we're offering several discounts around Write.as this weekend, from Friday, November 25 until Monday, November 28 at 11:59pm Eastern.


On this day in 2015, we launched Write.as! To celebrate another year on the web, we’re having a one-week sale on our Five-year subscription.

Today through Wednesday, February 16th at 11:59pm Eastern, you can get 25% off our long-term subscription option (coming to $180 total), and know that your words will have a permanent home on the web.

Read more about our last year and where we are today on Twitter:

(Also, you might want to keep an eye on the Remark.as blog today! 🤫)

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It’s officially the holiday season, and today we’re unquestioningly jumping into the fray of sales you’ll find this Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend with some discounts of our own.


To welcome our new users migrating from Coil Blogs, our WriteFreely app for iPhone and iPad is now on sale! Through June 2, get 66% off the normal price — just $4.99 once to download the app and get all future updates.


February 2nd marked six years since Write.as first launched to the world 🎉 To celebrate, we initially offered a one-day sale on our Five-year Pro plan to all of our followers on social media. Now, thanks to everyone's feedback, we're extending that deal through the end of February — and launching a newsletter for future Write.as deals!


As we approach the end of the year, today only we're offering a discount on a few Write.as features to help you share your NaNoWriMo novel and prepare for more writing in 2021.


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